Guns and Rights

A suspect without a crime

Beth Vest 1840 Article rating: No rating
Misconceptions and misinformation are leading us down a path to disarmament.

Miguel Paredes

Beth Vest 1897 Article rating: No rating
My reasoning is simple enough. The state is fallible and cannot be trusted to determine who should or should not be put to death.

Capitalism Pt. I: Education for Obedience

Beth Vest 1746 Article rating: 2.5
I am bound to receive plenty of reactionary comments over just the tile of this piece, so I must express to you that I am not, in any way against free markets. I am against systems where market freedom is dictated by the capital. I am against systems where standard currencies are the only methods of exchange between acquiring services and goods. I am against economic (as well as all other forms) of tyranny.