National Organization of Libertarian Women  -  Statement of Principles

The first and foremost mission of the National Organization of Libertarian Women is to champion the cause of liberty loving women and their supporters and to support the ideals of the Libertarian Party in their mission to help bring libertarian principles to bear on public policy to bring personal liberty to people everywhere.

We strive to bring to all women a vision of real and lasting personal liberty, offering education and other assistance to help all women understand that personal liberty for all people is at the core of equality. There are many reasons for women to embrace the causes of liberty which have, chief among their principles, the doctrine of non-aggression against fellow members of society and the world at large; along with the belief that all members of society should share equally in freedom of opportunity.

The practice of these principles offers women the liberty to work, live, believe and engage in whatever activities present no obstacle to the liberty of our fellow citizens of all sexes. This is what brings true parity and the accomplishment of real freedom.

In an authoritarian society, the government owns the central role of the social order. It enforces this order through the police power using the threat of violence. It is the paramount use of violence in society that has traditionally robbed women of their power and their liberty. This is why we seek a libertarian society where the authority of the social order belongs to the free participants of that society seeking to freely engage in any activity which does not diminish the liberty of their neighbor.

Likewise, true liberty is not achieved through constant demands to diminish the liberty of others so that all slights, both real and perceived, are stomped out to create the appearance of fairness. There can be no equality in demanding the power of violence, expressed through government force; that one person diminish their abilities and forgo their own opportunities so that another may be free, for this is no freedom at all for any party in this equation.

The new Libertarian Feminist seeks liberty for all and eschews aggression in the form of violent and coercive government enforcement, even of libertarian ideals. Women who want liberty would seek to diminish the government's police power and instead unleash the very real power available in a true  free-market economy and libertarian society where all individuals can freely leverage their own worth without fear of reprisal, subjugation or confiscation.

The new Libertarian Feminist seeks to redefine the social contract away from violent enforcement at the hands of overreaching government control and by doing so, takes the first step towards removing the tools of aggression in social interactions. Our movement seeks to put women in control of their own value and their own destiny, by implementing the tools of justice through the accomplishment of liberty.

We welcome everyone to join us in our mission of spreading the ideas of liberty to women everywhere by unleashing their value by removing the threat of aggression in all sectors of the social contract. To join our cause, please register for free at our membership page. Get our newsletter and stay up to date on the new Libertarian Feminist movement. 

NOLW's mission is two-fold: to encourage libertarian women in political activism with the Libertarian Party; and to educate women in libertarian philosophy. We are always looking for volunteers, so if you would like to join us please check out our ;volunteer section or contact us on Facebook